by Boy Eats Drum Machine

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released November 1, 2005


all rights reserved



Boy Eats Drum Machine Santa Cruz, California

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Track Name: Pleasure Theme Song
and I seem to see for miles
my eyes can see forever
but I cannot feel what I perceive to be pleasure

I cannot find
I'm just shoveling sand
tall enough to cover where I stand

I'm the ear drum
and when you hum
I can't seem to vibrate
I'm the piano key
which unfortunately
cannot feel your weight
Track Name: I'm An Angel Telling Lies
please don't respond, my dear
my heart has moved away
words don't matter anymore
tears don't matter anymore

don't you cry for me
we all have our time
and I'm gonna use mine

I'll shoot your mouth apart
as it flies across my mind
words don't matter anymore
tears don't matter anymore

if that's the way you wanna be
talking close far from me
is there nothing in me
that can justify your time?
it isn't how it ought to be
but there's no other way I see
I'll play along to be nice
but I'm an angel telling lies
Track Name: Eunuch
it's sweet sometimes
to be alone
writing lines
at the microphone

I've got a turntable
and a casio
and a microphone
standing in a room alone
and with the headphones on
my lungs don't feel a thing
something sweet can happen
when your mouth begins to sing

there's a place I know
in the basement below
sweetest feeling
floor to ceiling

eunuchs always
feel this way
cry at night
laugh all day
Track Name: Introduction A
I fell in love again
no surprise, we were friends
I looked across the bed
and fell in love again
her eyes, though closed
held the brightest spark
I hear her sweet voice
breathing in the dark

my love is not cheap
my love is not cheap
my love is not cheap
my loyalties run deep

so I fall into deeper love
deeper then before
I will love you tonight
and tomorrow even more
some day we all will pass
but none can tell me when
so I'm gonna love you tonight
and tomorrow again
Track Name: Si(x)cuse Me
one chance
too say
three words
for all time
five percent of you isn't enough
it makes me
it makes me
si(x)cuse me
Track Name: The Taste Of Your Mouth
I'm either dreamin too much
or not dreamin at all
it's not a flaw
I'm just emotional
and if there's one thing I know
it's that I want some candy
made specially
to be the flavor of the taste of your mouth

I tried to identify
the taste of your mouth
but there's no comparisons
to think about
so I'm bracing myself
for these hours apart
but when I see you again
I'm gonna wanna taste the taste of your mouth

I want the taste of your mouth
I want the taste of your mouth
I want the taste in my mouth
to be the taste of your mouth
Track Name: Let's Get Lost Sometime
one more kiss, darling
one more kiss, darling
our last kiss wasn't good enough
it ended too quick, oh oh oh oh
why don't we

just slip away
to another side
where greedy winds
darling, why don't we
just fall asleep
dream the same dream
and only feel
where our bodies meet
darling, why don't we

get lost sometime
because it is, it is, it is
about time
let's get lost in the furthest way
where the wind says
'a a a all of you
is mine to blow over'

let's slip away
to deepest south
where clouds slide
when you move your mouth
darling, why don't we
stand still and breathe
to each other's lips
our lungs a pair
of floating ships
darling, why don't we

let's pull the plug
underneath this lake
when the water breaks
we'll spin away
darling, why don't we
watch water above
brimming with life
moving in time
with you, honey
darling, why don't we
Track Name: Stepping On Your Grave
excuse me, please
I didn't see
you lying underground
I thought they marked
all the graves
littering this town
I have kept my promises
and never owned a slave
but I get a creeping feeling
standing on your grave

my father looks up
to john wayne
for all the ones he's saved
but it seems
all disconnected
stepping on your grave

so when you look up
to the sky
from that silent face
I will have to
beg your pardon
I'm stepping on your grave
Track Name: Sometimes You Wanna Go Where Nobody Knows Your Name
well I've fallen down, my love
I was gone for a short spell
you asked me where I was
I said I don't know
maybe I'm not the same
and life like some joke
but sometimes you wanna go
where nobody knows your name

sometimes you wanna go where nobody knows your name

so I stare cold in your face
and your eyes move like water
and I see they're deep enough
for me to swim forever

sometimes you wanna go where nobody knows your name

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