Two Ghosts

by Boy Eats Drum Machine

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released August 14, 2007


all rights reserved



Boy Eats Drum Machine Santa Cruz, California

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Track Name: 3000 FLARES
this is a warning you are losing one of your sons
Ive fallen away from my occupation
cuz when I push the pencil they load the shells
that turn heaven into hell

this is a warning shot across the bow in high and tight
3000 flares didnt do nothin but light up the sky
and fall as limp reflections in your eyes
so this son says goodbye

Ill try to take my mind off of the shells
that turn heaven into hell
Track Name: From An Oregon Shore
here at the end of the war where the water meets sand
on an oregon shore we stand where the land cheats the sea
all covered in snow but its not really cold at all
cuz when the sky went crack and temporarily black
it left a poisonous sun
when they shot we shot back again
but theres a place I know and I think we should go

so come with me away from time
we’ll let the road fall behind alone
cuz the world keeps getting worse intentions
and I dont want a piece of it anymore

and so we cross this line in the nick of time
when you work for peace sometimes you find
youre tangled up in the lines to the accessories of the crime
because weve lost our way and sense of touch
now the thought of peace it doesnt mean that much
no I swear Ive never been less blind
its just they redefined the word peace

so lets free these sands of imaginary lines
and what we find we’ll find
Track Name: Into The Open Spaces Of The West
so my love theres nothing left but for us to run
to a distant open space safe from this warming sun
therell be nobody to greet us and no goodbyes
weve got to make this all gone
and leave behind this fading sky
step and step mile by mile through the western gorge
until the river has run gone and the cliffs look down no more

so let the mountains face us and the armies chase us
well stay low to the ground and well make no noises
there comes a time a time of ending
here at the midwests beginning
weve left no signs no trails no holes
well find an open space find an open space to go
Track Name: Asleep
close your eyes my love be still and breathe
feel your mind wandering
see a world opening up for us to dream
sweetly deeply asleep
sleep as the stars fill the sky
each of them wandering by
see a world opening up for us to dream
sweetly deeply asleep
Track Name: (In) Crossing Wind
one day we escaped but now Im looking over my shoulder
cuz theres a wind blowing over the grass
is it a sign will it knock us down or will it pass
now my love I have no plan no actions to take when you awake
cuz I’m a fool to try to run when I dont how
Im a fool but sleep for now my love, sleep for now

are we caught in this crossing wind blowing
Track Name: "We'll Blacken Up The Sky"
if peace should find a way well find another way
if they should stop the fighting well fight another day
you cannot stop the marching so dont you even try
if sun should find your face well blacken up the sky
Track Name: Rebuttal 1
this is not a hollow trick if I dont stick into your clique
I am not responsible the bones around your brains are thick
one good turn deserves another so I refuse to be defined
by the narrow thoughts inside your mind
Track Name: Slow Guns
I hate the war
and that settles things youve said your piece is there nothing more
I hate the war
well what dont you hate you criticize while we restore
youre all confused
no I’m afraid thats you with

the people around on the highest horses
with slow guns and meticulous voices

if you love the war then say you love the war
and I guess well never agree

cuz theres a lot of opinions conflicting emotions
blind optimism and hopeless devotion all round
when all we want is common sense and you dont make no sense

its all a lie
tell me wheres the proof how do you tell the lies from truth
give it time
yes yes time will speak with the battles won in the coming weeks
its all a lie
youre just following
Track Name: Rebuttal 2
will this conflict you make finally take down the sun
cuz theres always more errands for the poor to run
tell me when will it be that you finally make your peace
when will you make your peace
Track Name: Damned
as bars go these are not the worst ones
I can see my hand reach in and through
sometimes it makes a shadow
its like a bird flying across the room at noon

theres too many people not laughing
their smiles just dont any-things grab your attention
theyre gonna take all your attention

your damned if you do and damned if you dont
with all of your dos and all of your donts
damned if you will and damned if you wont
with all of your dos and all of your donts

now its not clear what the bricks in this room mean
and the lines between do they mean what I think
its a map its a plan for a city
and everywhere you go its ninety degrees ninety degrees

theres too much organization and not enough participation
and I think you know what I mean when I say participation

theres too many people making ripples sneaky silent swimmers
incapable incapable this damn pool needs a cannon ball
Track Name: Alliances
Im gonna choose my alliances
not by your face or sound of your voice or quality of speech
but what you can do for me and what I do for you does for me
so here we vultures sit two in a row
which one is the madam and which one the ho
no I dont know anymore
I wanted to be a ringing voice
but the loudest bells are hollow inside cuz they give the greatest ride
Track Name: With The Village Bells
Im ready to let go right now my love
time can only heal what it cant find
so thats game that has to be I forget you you forget about me
Track Name: Two Ghosts
woke up in time to see you turn into a ghost
from the top of the world
theres a view of sun so clean you can only look once
I see you carried away by the wind now
no matter what we say the things we claim dry out and blow away

its over my love
now were just a piece of the scenery in a painting signed anonymous
over my love
over just out of reach in retrospect I guess I loved you too much
loved you too much
loved you loved you when all I really needed was someone to touch
someone to touch
someone someone coarse enough to resist any powerful force

I hear a sound I think maybe youre here somewhere now
sometimes you hear sometimes you see but youre only imagining
if theres a season theres got to be a reason for it
you make your peace you make your mistakes
sometimes the world gives sometimes it takes
Track Name: Open Spaces (Reprise)
I wanna go where the sky lies overhead peacefully peacefully
and well never have to turn from the sun
in an open space tomorrow in an open space tomorrow

I wanna go where we see these certain signs
that we only borrow time
and this place is partly yours and partly mine
in an open space tomorrow in an open space tomorrow

I wanna go to an open space tomorrow

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